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SIREWALL, your sanctuary from the status quo!

SIREWALL, your sanctuary from the status quo!

SIREWALL is the ideal material for designing buildings that push the art & science of the building envelope.

What hasn't already been done with concrete, steel & glass?
Learn in detail what is attracting architects like Foster & Partners and Gensler to this incredible structural wall system and how it may be the perfect fit for your next big project. insp-kit-sample-tablets

You'll get instant access to:

  • Many great ideas for how and where to use SIREWALL
  • Material performance capabilites, including extreme environments
  • Learn how to draw SIREWALL construction details
  • An assortment of SIREWALL texture maps
  • Info on how to achieve your desired colour palette
Plus, we'll follow up with an email to give you access to even more:
  • Sample SIREWALL construction detail drawings
  • An opportunity for a free 30-minute in-depth conversation with a SIREWALL consultant

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