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Sublette County Library

Modern Earth
Location Pinedale, Wyoming
Architect Carney Logan Burke Architects

Project Detail

Custom Features

  • Interior uninsulated SIREWALLS are used to make powerful transitions between rooms and provide an interior spine
  • Creative use of variable principle colour creates a beautiful, economic, unique sedimentary appearance

Technical Details

  • Average compressive strength of 4,205 PSI (29 MPa), with some results exceeding 6,000 PSI (41MPa)
  • SIREWALLS were constructed in a tent while the outside temperatures were as low as minus 35F (-37 Celsius)
  • R-Value (approximately) R33 combined with the mass of these 24″ SIREWALLS are ideal for a public assembly building designed for Pinedale’s cold winters


Awards and Recognition

Location: Pinedale, Wyoming
Architect / Designer: Carney Logan Burke Architects
SIREWALL Licensee: Terra Firma Builders
General Contractor: Fixter Construction