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Edmonton Valley Zoo

The power of nature

Project Detail

Custom Features

Designed by Dialog’s Stephen Boyd, the SIREWALLS are highly visible as one approaches the entry to the zoo.  The colouration is intended to mimic the colours of the nearby North Saskatchewan River banks.

This is the most northerly SIREWALL project, but not the coldest (Grand Beach has that honour).

The SIREWALLS are the boundary between the inside and outside of the zoo and one passes through a large opening in the SIREWALL to gain entry to an unexpected courtyard with cafe, education center, zootique, exhibits, and invitation to wander.

Technical Details

  • Lintel over entry spanning 47 feet
  • Withstands extreme cold winters at 47° North latitude


Read more project info on Dialog website

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Architect: DIALOG
SIREWALL Licensee: Terra Firma Builders