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New Delhi Boutique Hotel

Project Detail

Custom Features

  • Ground floor and second storey SIREWALL suites extend on either side of a winding outdoor central courtyard, which runs the length of this long and somewhat narrow property.
  • The colour and texture of the walls closely resembles the local sandstone.
  • Barrel vaulted ceilings are constructed atop many of this structure’s load-bearing walls. On top of these ceilings, insulation as been incorporated which articulates with the insulation in the SIREWALLs, completing the thermal envelope. When temperatures approach 50°C, it is vital to have enough insulation to reduce the negative comfort and economic impacts of too much air conditioning.

Technical Details

  • Repetitive design elements allowed the fabrication of modular torsion box formwork, that was used over and over again.
  • Plywood torsion box formwork in panels up to 400 sqft were stripped and placed with a crane.
  • Plywood had a polypropylene surface that could be welded to eliminate seams (not entirely successful)
  • The thickness of the insulated SIREWALLs was reduced to the absolute minimum of 17”.
  • Construction took place at temperatures ranging from 5°C to 49°C. The SBA needed protection from the heat.
  • Monsoons made it imperative to protect materials and understand when work needed to be halted.
  • Mixing was acheived with a high tech volumetric mixer to ensure consistent quality, and delivery was by means of a low tech ‘bucket brigade’ (40+ people) transportation of bowls (teslas) containing the soil mix, from the mixer to the top of the SIREWALL formwork.
  • An onsite lab was provided to ensure consistency of soil be supplied.
  • Steel reinforcing was our standard 24” grid of 15M in each wythe.

Location: Near New Delhi, India
Architect / Designer: Ashwin Alva architects and landscape consultants
SIREWALL Licensee: Terra Firma Builders Ltd.