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Meror Krayenhoff, inventor of SIREWALL, is one of the top 5 experts in the world on rammed earth. 

When it comes to creating strong rammed earth, thermal detailing of rammed earth, and range of artistic expression, he is widely considered the world’s most knowledgeable.  With 23 years of full time rammed earth experience, few people on the planet know more about, or are as passionate about, the benefits of insulated rammed earth.  Through consulting, Meror enjoys sharing his knowledge to create functional, durable, healthy, environmental, and iconic projects.

Meror is driven by a desire to create a lasting legacy of buildings that work for people and the planet. He is outspoken champion of rammed earth and critical of many current ‘green building’ practices in North America which rely on green-washed standard building techniques.

Meror Krayenhoff
SIREWALL Inventor & Founder

“It’s clear how we need to build, and yet we only take baby steps getting there.” explains Meror. “Why not build healthy, durable, netzero, C2C buildings right now?  We have the technology, and from a life cycle point of view, nothing is better value!”

With over 40 years experience in the construction industry under his belt, Meror knows what he is talking about.

He has been involved with award-winning buildings, including Nk’Mip’s first place at the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona, worked on LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects and has won 26 gold Canadian Homebuilder Assoc. awards and 3 Best Home Builder in BC awards.  Other awards won are the Advanced Mfg Award from City of Nanaimo, the Environmental Award from Vancouver Island Advanced Technology (VIATEC), and the EcoStar Award from the Capital Regional District.

In 1992 he fully embraced rammed earth and founded the SIREWALL technology.

He set about creating the strongest, most reliable rammed earth that could be used to build everything from family homes to large-scale commercial projects. Over the years he has researched and refined the technology and become the go-to expert for commercial building projects all over the world.

Meror has consulted on projects in France, Portugal, Australia, India(2), China(5), Pakistan, Venezuela, Maui, Washington(4), Idaho, Wyoming(5), Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba(2), Saskatchewan, Alberta(2), and BC(many).

Other highlights of Meror’s career have included appearing on David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things, being on the Board of the R2000 program, the Board of the NWEcobuilding Guild, and the Board of the International Council on Rammed Earth Construction.

Meror co-wrote and co-authored Modern Earth Buildings, and contributed two chapters to Rammed Earth Construction-Cutting Edge Research.

He has been a guest speaker at UWA@Perth, Anna U@Chennai, Foster & Partners (London), Shanghai Expatriate Architect Assoc, U of Islamabad, UBC, NAIT, SAIT, UMan, UW@Spokane, Sheridan College, Algonquin College, North Island University and was keynote speaker at NWEcobuilding Guild Convention.

Nk’Mip’s Dessert Cultural Centre won first place in 2008 at the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona




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